Sample Month

SSM Sample Month

You, the busy preacher, could have this complete sermon publication with time-saving resource materials and helps…every month…if you were a subscriber of Sermon Supply Ministry.


In this SSM Sample Month, you will receive:


1. SSM Preaching Newsletter…included every month of subscription!

2. Extra illustrations…4 to 6 included every month of subscription. 

3. Extra skeleton sermons…11 or 12 included every month of subscription!

4. Full-text Sermons…4 or 5 included every month of subscription!

5. After beginning month, we will also give you bonuses for every additional month you are subscribed. (Books, Documents, Audios and/or Videos)


Don’t forget to access your sample sermon helps below:

SSM Sample Newsletter

SSM Sample Illustrations and Outlines

SSM Sample Sermon 1 (An Easy Religion)

SSM Sample Sermon 2 (Who is My Neighbor?)

SSM Sample Sermon 3 (Don’t Bypass a Burning Bush)

SSM Sample Sermon 4 (The Immorality of Atheism)

SSM Sample Bonus (Audio Sermon: Law vs Grace) [45.6MB]

Thanks for checking out our Sample Month!

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