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About Sermon Supply Ministry "The Preachers' Partner in Preparation"



Dr. J. Mark Hollingsworth, our editor is well educated, holding two bachelors degrees in Psychol­ogy and Education, two masters degrees in Theology, and two doctors degrees in Theology and Counseling.

He is also experienced, having served in various aspects of the ministry for over 52 years as Pastor, Professor (6 Christian colleges), Evangelist, Bible Conference preacher, Counselor, Family-life Seminar speaker, Chaplain and Home Missionary.

He is the President of Mutual Missions and Editor of one of its ministries, Sermon Supply Ministry.


Our Subscribers are Pastors, Evangelists, Lay-preachers, Sunday School teachers, Chaplains, Rescue Mission Directors, Professors, Missionaries, and other busy individuals from many different churches who love and study God’s Word.


One preacher in South Carolina said, “I would just like to tell you how much these helps have been a blessing to me, just keep on keeping on for the Lord!  We pray for you and your ministry.”  Another preacher in Texas said, “This is good material.  It’s not too deep and not too shallow; it’s right on target for any preacher to preach to his people.”  Still another preacher in Texas said, “This is real Bible preaching.”  And then a missionary preacher on furlough from Guam, after I offered to hand him his next month’s issue of Minister’s Manna instead of putting it in the mail, said, “No, put it in the mail.  The native preachers I left in charge are looking forward to receiving it and opening it up to see what “manna” God has for them this month!”  What a thrill it is to know that our ministry is a blessing to others, especially in the area of God’s Word.


A year’s subscription of Minister’s Manna is only $36.00.  That is only $3.00 a month!  That is only 69c a week!  You can’t beat the price for the content.  This price includes 12 monthly mailings that arrive every month so you can plan and prepare.


There are 12 monthly downloads of Sermon Supply Ministry – that includes 56 full-text sermons adapting to the Christian calendar and including six major Holiday sermons.  Also included in each monthly package is a Newsletter (with reminders about calendar events and other helpful hints), illus­trations, skeleton outlines, other Ministry Materials, including some bonus resources.


We believe that the inerrant Word of God is our basis for faith and practice.  Our expository sermons reflect our commitment to stay absolutely true to the infallible truths of the Scriptures, while making appropriate real-life applications.

Please subscribe and check out our sermons.  Do like the Bereans in Acts 17:11 who “searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.”  You will find that we are consistently true to the Word of Truth.


Mutual Missions is a ministry founded by Dr. J. Mark Hollingsworth to “come along side” an existing ministry and/or minister for a period of time, for the purposes of stabilizing, training, developing, and especially encouraging.

Mutual Missions is supported financially by churches and individuals who understand the need for such a ministry (Pastors whose churches support Mutual Missions $25.00 or more per month receive Sermon Supply Ministry free of charge).  There are so many struggling churches that need stabilizing and so many discouraged preachers who need moral support (and even training), it has proven to be a life-saving experience for many ministries and ministers just to have someone “come along side” for a time.

Of course, even established churches need some specialized help in certain weak areas of their ministry from time to time.  Dr. Hollingsworth specializes in Bible Conference preaching and “Evangelism Discipleship” training for local churches (based on the book Basic Bible Truths described on the “Ministry Materials Order Form” in this paper).  He also teaches the pastoral staff crash courses in homiletics and counseling, as well as a teacher training course to Sunday School teachers.


We are now working on plans to establish a conference and retreat center.  This would provide a place for preachers and their families to refresh and refuel in an atmosphere that clearly shows forth God’s revelation to man.


The purpose of the Sample is to introduce you to Sermon Supply Ministry and to provide you with a complete sample month of the 12 monthly mailings sent out in a year’s subscription. 


Remember that, as a subscriber, your monthly package will contain all of this material in digital form.  All you have to do is download it to your computer, pray and study and make it your own, print it, put it in your Bible, and then preach it.


There is no way you can lose with our Iron Clad Guarantee.  Here it is:  Sermon Supply Ministry is here to help not hurt. In a day when pastors have been fired for preaching someone else’s sermon from the internet, we guarantee that we have not published our sermons in books or blogs, offline or online for anyone in your congregation to read. You can feel safe using our material to study and gain ideas and helps to build your own sermons for your own people.

We also guarantee you that if you are on our subscription list, every week Dr. Hollingsworth and the SSM team will pray for you as you preach the Word of God, that you may preach with power to the pulling down of strong holds, so souls may be saved and saints may be sanctified to do the work of the ministry.

Just download the sample month and take SSM for a test drive. And if it is not for you, keep the Sample Month and we remain friends. If it is a fit for you, then order the first full year of digital sermon resource material and enjoy the benefits of SSM “coming along side” to be “your partner in preparation.” There’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it!


As a subscriber from this website, you will receive bonus resource material absolutely FREE as your subscription continues!  That means Sermon Supply Ministry will add to your subscription other sermon helps in the form of documents, books, audios and/or videos!